Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know has the best price? uses a local and national network of large stable energy providers, which use mostly independent agents to capture customers. By doing so, they save millions in both payroll and advertising and are able to pass on those savings in their prices for electricity or gas.

Does it cost me anything to use this service?

Not one penny! In fact, it costs nothing to switch to our network of providers and our sole existence as a company is to save you money. It’s a no-brainer!

So how does exist, if it costs nothing to switch?

Suppliers set their profit margin to allow for direct sales and brokerages too. If a broker brings a supplier the customer, they simply accept that as a cost of doing business and the price is NOT better than if a customer went direct. However, without knowing the language that some suppliers use on contracts, customers can overlook important clauses that may allow suppliers to change that rate without notice. This is where we earn our value with our clients and retain them for years to come!

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